[ARIANESPACE LETTERHEAD]              CD Radio, Inc.
									   Mr. Robert Briskman
 SENIOR VICE-PRESIDENT                 President, Systems Group
 MARKETING-CUSTOMER'S SERVICE          1001 22nd Street, NW
 AND INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS             Washington, DC  20037

									   Washington, November 8, 1995

		Dear Mr. Briskman,

		In accordance with terms of the Launch Opportunity Reservation
		Agreement (LORA) between CD Radio and Arianespace, and pursuant
		to your request for modification of the LORA, Arianespace is
		pleased to revise the specified Launch Period as follows:

				   The launch Period shall be the six (6) month period
				   from January, 1999 to June 30, 1999.

		We trust that this adjustment to the terms of our agreement will
		support the plans and preparation of the CD Radio program.
		Arianespace looks forward to the launch of your satellites, and
		initiation of your service in 1999. Please let us know if we can
		be of further assistance in the interim.

		Both parties agree that this modification is made
		notwithstanding the terms of Article 5 of the LORA.

		Could you kindly indicate your approval of the above by
		returning an executed original of this letter.

								Yours Sincerely,

								Dr. Ralph-Werner Jaeger

		  Acknowledged and agreed to
		  for CD Radio, Inc.


Source: OneCLE Business Contracts.