Execution of this Lease Amendment Agreement shall amend that certain
Lease dated August 30, 1994, by and between Quotesmith Corporation, TENANT and
LaSalle National Trust, N.A., as Successor Trustee of LaSalle National Bank
under Trust No. 113096, LANDLORD, of the premises located at 8205 S. Cass
Avenue, Darien, Illinois, on all the same terms and conditions except as

1.       The Demised Premises shall be changed to 4,660 square feet from 2,560
         square feet.

2.       Paragraph 4(D) "Tenant's Proportionate Share" shall be changed to 7.93%
         from 4.35%.

3.       Paragraph 5 "Base Rent" shall be changed to $39,300.62 per annum in
         equal monthly payments of $3,275.05.

4.       Paragraph 43, "Right of First Refusal" shall be of no further force or

5.       Appendix "A" shall be changed to Appendix "A-1" (attached).

         Dated this 1st    day of    Nov. 1995.

         IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Landlord and Tenant have executed this Lease
Renewal Agreement the day and year first written above.

Quotesmith Corporation                          LASALLE NATIONAL TRUST,
                                                N.A., as Successor Trustee to
                                                LASALLE NATIONAL BANK
                                                Trustee under Trust No. 113096.

                                                AND NOT PERSONALLY

By:  /s/ Robert S. Bland                        By:  /s/ Nancy A. Stack
     -------------------                             -------------------
Its: PRESIDENT AND CEO                          Its: ASSISTANT SECRETARY
     -------------------                             -------------------
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                                APPENDIX "A"-1

                            [FLOOR PLAN OF 4660 SF]

Source: OneCLE Business Contracts.