ORDER FOR SERVICES                                         NCR Corporation
Customer Name

Street Address

City, State and Zip Code

Customer Number                Initial Term               Contract Order Number

                               60 Months


TERM - The term for each processing application will commence upon the first 
processing of such application by NCR for you and will continue for the 
period specified. The term for any periodic Software license granted will 
commence upon delivery of the Software to you and will continue for the 
period specified. Estimated processing start dates and delivery dates are 
subject to change. Thereafter, the term for each such processing application 
and each Software license will renew automatically for successive one-year 
terms unless written notice of termination for each processing application 
and Software license is given. Notice of termination must be given not less 
than one hundred eighty (180) days prior to the scheduled end date of the 
initial term or renewal term when the termination will become effective.

CHARGES -- Customer shall pay for Processing Services and Software in 
accordance with the rates and terms specified in this Order.


NCR Electronic Banking Service            5614

Ordered NCR Product and Services are subject to the Addendum, dated September
17, 1998, between You and NCR.

Executed by You                              NCR Customer Information Services
(Type or Print Name and Title)

Don Shapleigh, President

Authorized Signature          Date          Authorized Signature      Date

/s/ Don Shapleigh             9/17/98      [Signature illegible]      12/16/98



ORDER FOR SERVICES                                              NCR CORPORATION
                                                                    Page 4
Service Offering

NCR will host & operate your front-end Internet Banking and Bill Payment 
application (also known as the EDIFY Electronic Banking System) as more fully 
set forth in Attachment A hereto which is incorporated herein by this 

NCR's responsibility is solely for the management of the server located at 
NCR's Processing Center and maintenance of that server, including the Edify 
application. Fees for third party services (i.e. Bisys, Checkfree, 
communications lines) are your responsibility unless otherwise agreed in the 

You and NCR agree to communicate to their respective employees & 
subcontractors the relationship between the parties and the commitments 
herein for the purpose of promoting a successful relationship and the 
provision of high quality service to your end-users. You and NCR agree that 
it will train its respective personnel on the operation and support of the 
system to maximize availability and promote a positive working relationship.

Hours of On-line Operations

Standards  hours of on-line system  availability  for NCR's  Electronic  
Banking Service are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, excluding scheduled 
maintenance downtime.


You will be able to obtain WEB activity reports through the standard Bank 
Administration feature of the EDIFY EBS application.

Supplemental Terms Applicable to NCR Electronic Banking Systems

NCR and its third party suppliers have used commercially reasonable efforts 
to mitigate the risk of any unauthorized access to the NCR Electronic Banking 
Service and your data residing on NCR's servers. NCR's liability to you for 
any unauthorized access caused solely by NCR's intentional and willful acts 
is limited to your actual direct damages not to exceed the value of your 4 
most recent monthly payments as of the date the unauthorized access occurred.

You agree to comply with United States laws with regard to transmission of 
technical data which is exported from the United States. You agree not to use 
this service (a) for illegal purposes, or (b) to interfere with or disrupt 
other network users, network services, or network equipment.

NCR's Liability

Notwithstanding Section 9.3 of the Addendum, in the event NCR does not 
provide Services as defined herein due solely to nonperformance by NCR and 
not by any third party, NCR agrees to provide a credit to you, on a 
subsequent invoice, equal to the amount of your direct, actual damages 
incurred solely due to NCR's nonperformance, not to exceed 5% of the Customer 
Fees paid to NCR in the month the direct, actual damages were incurred. This 
is your sole and exclusive remedy for direct, actual damages incurred due to 
NCR's nonperformance.



ORDER FOR SERVICES                                              NCR CORPORATION
                                                                    Pagd 5

Your trained personnel will accept all initial calls from your end-users and 
your personnel, and will handle all user-solvable items, and all calls for 
assistance with browser's, access to the internet, and other items you 
provide to your personnel and end-users. Your EDIFY EBS-trained 
administrator(s) is responsible for contacting NCR in the event the problem 
cannot be corrected without NCR's and/or EDIFY's involvement.

NCR will provide telephone support to your EBS-trained administrator(s) on a 
7 x 24 basis to address emergency production-related support requests, and 
will be available 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., local time, Monday through Friday, 
excluding Holidays, to assist all other support requests regarding EBS.

NCR's responsibility is solely for the management of the server located at 
NCR's Processing Center and maintenance of that server, including the Edify 
application. Fees for third party services (i.e. Bisys, Checkfree, 
communications lines) are your responsibility unless otherwise agreed in the 
Contract. In the event a problem arises which cannot be isolated solely to 
the server and/or Edify application at NCR's Processing Center, NCR will 
escalate the incident to you at AIB's support telephone number (________ ) 
for resolution. Escalation procedures for service issues which arise at 
either NCR or Net.B@nk including Bisys) are attached as Exhibit B.

Deconversion Services

Upon termination of this Order for any reason, NCR will provide you 
deconversion services if you place an Order for deconversion services 
sufficiently in advance of the required delivery date of such services to 
allow NCR to allocate appropriate resources. Ninety days will be sufficient 
notice at all times. As part of the deconversion process, and subject to 
Section 11.4 of the Addendum, NCR will return the Edify and related software 
acquired by you and provided to NCR, and provide access to NCR's hardware 
containing your files to your personnel. NCR will work with your new provider 
to convert any computer files, including customer data files and Edify 
software files, to a format that is usable by your new service provider. NCR 
will provide reasonable assistance with your deconversion activities, 
including designation of a primary point of contact with NCR and meeting your 
reasonable deconversion schedule.

Prices for deconversion services will be provided at the time such services 
are requested and based on NCR's then-current prices. Based on the initial 
conversion effort expended by NCR to convert your Edify support from Bisys to 
NCR, NCR reasonably estimates the deconversion effort, assuming similar 
activities, would be approximately 50 days of effort. NCR's current prices 
for Analyst time is $150/hour and Computer time at $500/hour.

The Contract provisions relating to the provision of deconversion services 
will survive any termination until the completion of the services.

If a third party can provide certain deconversion services, you can obtain 
those services from such third party. Any third party utilized by you may be 
required to enter into NCR's standard non-disclosure agreement.


ORDER FOR SERVICES                                              NCR CORPORATION
                                                                    Page 6

Any Services or Products not listed on this Order but requested by you will 
be provided at NCR's then-current prices.

5614-1554   Implementation Fee:                              $79,545   One Time
            Includes Server, Windows NT
            Operation System, LifeKeeper software,
            32-user Oracle database, and Edify
            software initial implementation.
            Application will run on (2) NCR 4300 NT
            40 PP 200/512m, or operationally
            equivalent systems.
            System configuration is:
            --   LifeKeeper Connected
            --   (2) Dyadic P6 200/512
            --   (8) 128 MB Memory DIMM
            --   (2) Adpt - Dual Ethernet PCI
            --   (2) HD Disk - 4 GB 10000 F/W Hot Plug
            --   (6) HD Disk - 9 GB 10000 F/W Hot Plug
            --   (2) Tape - 8 mm 7/14 GB
            --   (2) Internal UPS
            --   (2) Power Supply - 625W
            --   (2) Windows NTS 4.0, 5 CAL/English
            --   (2) 17" Color SVGA Monitor
            --   (2) Monitor Power Cable - USA
            --   32 User Oracle License
            --   Checkpoint or equivalent Firewall

5614-1392   Hardware and Software maintenance service,       $ 1,500   Month
            excluding Edify application

ORDER FOR SERVICES                                              NCR CORPORATION
                                                                    Page 7

N/A         Communication Fees:                   N/A
            Neither Bisys, Checkfree, nor any
            other communication fees with any
            third party are included and are
            your responsibility unless you and
            NCR agree in writing that NCR will
            source and manage any such 
            communication line and its 
            corresponding fee(s).
5614-1007   Customer Fees*, per customer:                         Month
            -- 1 to 5,000                              $1.49 ea.
            -- 5,001 to 10,000                         $1.45 ea.
            -- 10,001 to 20,000                        $1.40 ea.
            -- 20,001 to 30,000                        $1.36 ea.
            -- 30,001 to 40,000                        $1.32 ea.
            -- >40,000 customers                       $1.28 ea.

5614-1007   Monthly Minimum Charge (inclusive
            of monthly Maintenance Fees and
            Customer Fees)                             $5,000.00   Month    Min.


--    The Customer Fees include all Services hereunder, except for the 
      implementation and Deconversion Services, including Equipment and 
      Software upgrades made by NCR to fulfill its obligations hereunder and 
      to accommodate growth of your end-user customer base. Other 
      enhancements (i.e. additional or expanded functionality) will be made 
      by mutual agreement of the parties and may be chargeable to you.

--    No NCR Policies as defined in Section 2.2 of the Master Agreement apply 
      to this Order or Contract.

--    NCR may only increase prices at the beginning of each Renewal Term and 
      such increase will not exceed the greater of the United States Bureau 
      of Labor Statistics, Consumer Price Index for all Urban Consumers, U.S. 
      City Average, Services (1982-1984=100) as published from time to time 
      or 5%, and NCR will provide you with written notice of any price 
      increase 90 days in advance of the effective date. You may contact NCR 
      at a earlier date (within reason) to obtain the price increase for the 
      subsequent Renewal Term and it will be provided to you as soon as 
      reasonably possible.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, notices of 
      increases on any third party pass through charge items will be provided 
      when NCR receives notice and will be effective as of the date stated on 
      such notice.

--    NCR warrants that the NCR 4300, NCR LifeKeeper Software, and MS Windows 
      NT operation system are or will be Year 2000 Qualified by December 31, 
      1998, in accordance with NCR's Year 2000 Qualification Requirements 
      Definition.  If any of these components are not Year 2000 Qualified by 
      this date, if NCR cannot remedy nonconformance within a reasonable 
      time, you may terminate this Order without payment of early termination 
      charges provided you deconvert prior to December 31, 1999, if NCR 
      becomes aware of any Year 2000 issues with other third party equipment 
      or software used in this operating environment, NCR will advise you of 
      such issues.  You and NCR agree to work together to make appropriate 
      product adjustments to minimize the impact of any such Year 2000 issues.

--    There are no NCR Product Specifications applicable to this Order.


ORDER FOR SERVICES                                             NCR CORPORATION
                                                                   Page 8

--    Notwithstanding any terms to the contrary in this Contract, no terms in 
      this Contract apply to, govern or limit in any way the relationship and 
      contractual agreements between you and Edify, Bisys, Checkfree and any 
      other third party with whom you have a direct contractual relationship.

--    NCR's sole remedy for your breach of your obligations in section 8 of 
      the Master Agreement is to terminate this Contract if you have not 
      cured such breach within 30 days of notice thereof. If NCR terminates 
      under this provision, Services will be provided for up to 6 months 
      after the end of the cure period to allow for an orderly transition to 
      a new provider. Termination by NCR will not relieve you of your payment 
      obligations or any other obligations which survive termination or 

--    For the purposes of this Order, the time period stated in paragraph 6.7 
      of the Addendum will be extended from 2 business days to 5 business 

--    If NCR is unable to reperform Services as warranted under Section 9.0 
      of the Processing Services Addendum and Section 7.3 of the Master 
      Agreement and this Order for Services within a reasonable time given 
      the severity of the problem (including by correcting any non-conforming 
      Deliverables), you may terminate this Contract without payment of early 
      termination fees and obtain a refund of your payments to NCR for those 
      services and/or associated Deliverables. Your refund for this fixed 
      term Services Contract will not exceed your most recent three monthly 
      payments for such services. This provision will apply only for the 
      services specified in this Order for Services.



(1)      Service Description

--    You have responsibility for the overall project management function for 
      the migration of your EBS System from Bisys to NCR. NCR will provide 
      project management and technical support services, resources, and 
      communication infrastructure necessary for it to perform its 
      responsibilities associated with the migration of AIB's EBS System from 
      Bisys to NCR, and NCR's Project Manager will work closely with your 
      Project Manager to facilitate this effort.

--    NCR agrees to obtain and install a digital certificate for 
      implementation of SSL encryption with the assistance of AIB. The third 
      party charge for such digital certificate will be invoiced to AIB at 
      NCR's cost.

--    NCR will provide a secure S.A.S. No. 70 or equivalent complaint 
      operational environment for the EDIFY Electronic Banking System 
      Software by March 31, 1999.  This shall include, at a minimum:

      --  EDIFY Transaction Server
      --  Electrical power backed up by a UPS to sustain an electrical outage
          of up to two hours.
      --  Connectivity to the Bisys host through a 56Kb SDLC link
      --  Access to the Internet, protected by NCR's firewall
      --  A backup environment along with an implementation plan for a "backup"
          transaction server (the cost for all EDIFY backup software licenses
          acquired by NCR will be passed to AIB)
If NCR has not provided the S.A.S. No. 70 or equivalent environment by March 
31, 1999, you may notify NCR of such nonconformance, and NCR will have 6 
months to correct such nonconformance provided that NCR has been taking 
reasonable steps to provide this environment. If NCR does not succeed in 
providing this environment, you may terminate this Order without payment of 
early termination charges.

--    NCR will host the EDIFY HTML and CGI code necessary to permit 
      communication between the NCR Windows NT Web Server and the Internet.

--    NCR will provide monitoring services which include taking corrective 
      actions as required for monitoring the health of:

      --  the NCR Web Server and Firewall
      --  NCR's Electronic Banking Service
      --  NCR owned and controlled routers providing access to the Internet
      --  Connectivity between the NCR Web Server and the EDIFY EBS Server

--    NCR will consult and cooperate with Bisys and EDIFY to resolve issues
      relating to:
      --  Oracle database maintenance
      --  Host connectivity-related service issues

--    AIB is responsible for all end-user client service support, and will 
      refer to EDIFY for EBS application support.

--    NCR will host and operate the EDIFY Transaction Server and provide 7 x 
      24 support for this service.

--    NCR warrants that system components under direct control by NCR will be
      up 98% of the time outside of scheduled downtime.  NCR will measure 
      availability monthly.  In addition to scheduled maintenance downtime, 
      other downtime due to reasons beyond NCR's control (i.e. existence of 
      force majeure condition) will be excluded from the availability 
      calculation.  If the 98% availability is not met for 3 consecutive 
      months due to reasons within NCR's control, you may terminate this 
      Order without payment of early termination charges with written notice 
      to NCR within 30 days of the end of this 3 month period and you 
      deconvert from NCR Services within 9 months of the end of this 3 month 
      period.  NCR warrants that scheduled maintenance downtime will be 
      conducted from midnight to 5:00 A.M. Eastern Time on


      Saturday and Sunday nights not to exceed twelve hours per month.

--    Within 30 minutes of NCR getting notice of a problem that will cause 
      customer service interruption, NCR will notify AIB of such problem and 
      provide AIB with an estimated time the problem will be corrected if 
      known. AIB agrees to provide and man a 7 x 24 hour "hot line" or beeper 
      service to answer such calls from NCR.

--    NCR warrants that it will monitor Internet bandwidth and system 
      hardware availability and increase the bandwidth and system hardware as 
      AIB growth requires it.

--    NCR will use commercially reasonable efforts to work with EDIFY, Bisys, 
      and Checkfree to troubleshoot problems that occur.

--    NCR warrants that it will use commercially reasonable efforts to 
      correct any system malfunction, and will apply resources consistent 
      with the severity of the problem.

--    NCR will actively monitor the operating environment whether by 
      electronic means or otherwise, the NCR Web server, firewall, EBS 
      Transaction server and NCR owned and controlled routers to minimize 

--    NCR's liability for any intentional, willful or reckless misconduct 
      with respect to the security of NCR's Electronic Banking Service is 
      defined in the Master Agreement under Section 11.6.

--    An independent review of the implementation of the NCR Electronic 
      Banking Service will be performed, the cost of which will be the 
      responsibility of AIB.  This review shall be performed by a computer 
      security specialist and will include attempts to gain unauthorized 
      and/or undetected access to the system.  A report will be completed by 
      the independent security specialist performing the review stating that, 
      with reasonable certainty, no unauthorized or undetected access to 
      customer accounts occurred. This review shall be performed and the 
      report delivered to AIB in Q1, 1999.  NCR further agrees that it will 
      attempt to correct all deficiencies noted in the report which are under 
      its control within a reasonable period of time.

--    NCR may pass through all increases in pass through communications 
      charges, third party maintenance, Checkpoint annual subscription fees, 
      digital certificate renewal fees, or other third party charges.

--    AIB agrees to grant NCR access to its EDIFY EBS application, any and 
      all customer and account information, operating systems, databases and 
      third party systems to enable NCR to perform the services described in 
      this Contract.

--    NCR agrees to provide AIB with procedures and processes to facilitate 
      the periodic update of the static pages (Main and Administrative) 
      hosted on the NCR Web Server.

--    A party whose performance is delayed or is likely to be delayed due to 
      a force majeure event shall provide prompt written notice of such event 
      to the other party and in such notice shall set forth in detail the 
      steps such party is taking to minimize the effects of the force majeure 
      event on its inability to perform, such as finding alternate providers 
      or securing back-up equipment or services.


                        ATTACHMENT B TO ORDER FOR SERVICES

                            CONTACT AND ESCALATION LIST


Help Desk                  1-888-279-1673            All


Brian Fleming              (860) 652-1263            East Region

Diane Johnston             (410) 720-6597            Central Region
Rege Shaw                  (410) 720-6844            Central Region

Bob Goble                  (972) 401-6190            West Region

Christian Cool             (757) 459-4318            CIF/Autobank

Charlie Hart               (937) 445-6730            General Technical Support
Dave Mills                 (609) 371-2952            General Technical Support

After Hours                (410) 720-6533            Data Center Operations


Brett Chandler             (410) 720-6680
Pager                      (800) 759-8888 PIN #1155451


Gary Morrison              (937) 445-7191
E-Mail                     GARY.MORRISON@DAYTONOH.NCR.COM

Greg Sackenheim   (937) 445-1342


Greg Hanson                (937) 445-4698

Vice President, Customer Information Solutions - Escalation Level Four

Mike Grabeman              (937) 445-4600

                                          CONTACT AND ESCALATION LIST
                                           (insert information here)

                                          CONTACT AND ESCALATION LIST
                                           (insert information here)



                       CONTACT AND ESCALATION LIST


Customer Service  1-888-256-6932            All


Tom Cable           (770) 753-1404            Chief Technology Officer
                    (770) 623-1963 (home)
                    (770) 265-5342 (cell)

Scott Walch         (770) 343-1409            Manager of Product Development
                    (770) 448-3808 (home)


Catherine Storey    (770) 753-1406            Director of Operations

Stacy Crawford      (770) 343-6006 x440       Customer Service Day Supervisor

Maria Peluso-Smith  (770) 343-6006 x447       Customer Service Night Supervisor


Don Shapleigh       (770) 753-1402            President
                    (770) 395-1256

                     CONTACT AND ESCALATION LIST
                      (insert information here)


                          BISYS DATA CENTER
                       CHERRY HILL, NEW JERSEY

                (800) 824-5898 DEPRESS 0 AFTER RECORDING
                (609) 424-0150 DEPRESS 0 AFTER RECORDING
                          (609) 424-5031 FAX
                          (609) 424-8323 FAX

                      OPERATIONS                         TELECOMMUNICATIONS
                      ----------                         ------------------
    First Level       Shift Operator                     Shift Operator

    Second Level      Shift Supervisor                       Shift Supervisor

    Third Level       Bob Gauthier                       Doug Jones

    Fourth Level      Bob Lake                           John Bush

    Fifth Level       Bill Johnson                       Bill Johnson

If Escalation to Bill Johnson is necessary and unsuccessful, contact Alan 
Najjar at home
                              (770) 972-6527.

     During business hours, Jan Taylor, Bethann Volz, or Ronnie Henderson can 
locate Mr. Johnson.

Source: OneCLE Business Contracts.