This clarification to the Escrow Agreement (this "Agreement") is dated
as of May 9, 2007, by and among Limelight Networks, Inc., a Delaware
corporation (the "Company"), Michael Gordon, solely in his capacity as
stockholders' representative (the "Stockholders' Representative"), GS Capital
Partners V Fund, L.P., solely in its capacity as purchasers' representative (the
"Purchasers' Representative"), and U.S. Bank, National Association, as escrow
agent (the "Escrow Agent").


         WHEREAS: The Purchasers' Representative, Stockholders' Representative,
the Company and the Escrow Agent entered into an Escrow Agreement dated as of
July 12, 2006 (the "Escrow Agreement").

         WHEREAS: Section 10(g) of the Escrow Agreement provides that the Escrow
Agreement may be amended or modified by an instrument in writing signed by, or
on behalf of, the Purchaser's Representative, the Stockholders' Representative,
and the Escrow Agent.

         WHEREAS: The Purchasers' Representative, the Stockholders'
Representative, the Company and the Escrow Agent wish to confirm their
understanding with respect to claims made under the Escrow Agreement as set
forth below pursuant to Section 10(g) of the Escrow Agreement.


         NOW, THEREFORE, the parties hereto agree as follows:

         Payments from the Escrow Fund. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary
         in the Escrow Agreement, an amount equal to $3,700,000 shall be
         distributed from the Escrow Fund to the Tendering Stockholders by check
         within five (5) business days following the declaration or ordering of
         effectiveness of a registration statement or similar document in
         compliance with the Securities Act for the offer and sale of the shares
         of the Company's Common Stock in which holders of Series B Preferred
         Stock convert their shares into shares of Common Stock in connection
         with such public offering (the "IPO Date").

         Escrow Claims. The parties hereto acknowledge and agree that beginning
         on the IPO Date, the Company shall only make Indemnification Claims
         based upon Akamai Expenses (as defined in the Series B Convertible
         Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement, dated May 18, 2006, as amended (the
         "Purchase Agreement")), including any Losses (as defined in the
         Purchase Agreement) based upon breaches of Section 2.8 of the Purchase
         Agreement, either of which may occur at any time, and breaches of the
         representations and warranties in Section 2.16 of the Purchase
         Agreement. Stockholders' Representative acknowledges that he has
         received an Indemnification Certificate with respect to breaches of
         Section 2.16 of the Purchase Agreement in the amount of $1,326,965.20
         that Stockholders' Representative irrevocably confirms that he will not
         deliver to the Escrow Agent a Stockholders' Certificate (as defined in
         the Escrow Agreement) with respect to such Indemnification Certificate
         and that Stockholders' Representative directs Escrow Agent to remit the
         amount of $1,326,965.20 in satisfaction of such Indemnification

         Termination. Notwithstanding anything contained in the Purchase
         Agreement or Escrow Agreement to the contrary, the parties hereto
         further wish to clarify that the Company may submit an Indemnification
         Certificate to the Escrow Agent, at any time, including after (i) the


         (18) month anniversary of the Closing (as defined in the Purchase
         Agreement) or (ii) IPO Date. The Escrow Agreement shall terminate on
         the earlier of (i) the date on which there are no funds or other
         property remaining in the Escrow Fund and (ii) ten business days
         following the date on which (x) all claims made in Indemnification
         Certificates delivered to the Escrow Agent shall have been resolved,
         regardless of when such Indemnification Certificates are submitted to
         the Escrow Agent and (y) the Company confirms in writing that it does
         not reasonably expect to submit additional Indemnification

         Interest. Stockholders' Representative, the Company and Purchasers'
         Representative, hereby direct Escrow Agent to remit any interest earned
         on the Escrow Fund to the Tendering Stockholders and to remit such
         interest at the end of each fiscal year thereafter until termination of
         the Escrow Fund.

         IN WITNESS WHEREOF, each party hereto has executed or has caused this
Agreement to be executed by its officer hereunto duly authorized as of the date
first written above.

                          LIMELIGHT NETWORKS, INC.

                          By:  /s/ Jeffrey Lunsford
                               Jeffrey Lunsford
                               Chief Executive Officer

                          STOCKHOLDERS' REPRESENTATIVE:

                          By:  /s/ Michael Gordon
                               Michael Gordon

                          PURCHASERS' REPRESENTATIVE:
                          GS CAPITAL PARTNERS V FUND, L.P.
                          BY:   GSCP V Advisors, L.L.C.
                            Its General Partner

                          By:  /s/ Joseph Gleberman
                               Joseph Gleberman
                               Managing Director


                          ESCROW AGENT:
                          U.S. BANK, NATIONAL ASSN.

                          By:  /s/ Sheila Soares
                               Sheila Soares
                               Vice President

Source: OneCLE Business Contracts.