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April 3, 2000

Lysle C. Wickersham

Dear Lysle:

On behalf of FinancialWeb.com, Inc. (the "Company"), it is my pleasure to
memorialize our understanding regarding your position as Senior Vice President
of Marketing. In this capacity, you report to Kevin Leininger, the President and

Your starting annualized salary is $180,000, and your commencement date is April
17, 2000.

Stock Option - Management will recommend to the Compensation Committee of the
Board of Directors that you be granted an option to purchase 165,000 shares of
FWEB common stock.

Upon your execution and return of this letter, it will be submitted to the
Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors, for review and approval. You
will not have any legal or beneficial interest in any securities of the Company
until such time as the Compensation Committee or the Board of Directors grants
an option to you. Any option grant shall be on such terms and conditions as the
Committee or the Board deems appropriate.

You will be eligible for the comprehensive benefits package that we offer to our
full-time employees, including our 401k plan. Details of this package will be
reviewed with you in orientation on your first day of employment.

In accordance with current federal law, you will be asked to provide
documentation proving your eligibility to work in the United States. Please
provide proper documentation in that regard.

Please confirm your acceptance of this employment offer by mailing or delivering
to me an original signed copy. For confidentiality reasons please don't fax this
to me. As a condition of your employment, you will also need to sign a
Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete and Developments Agreement.

This letter does not constitute a guarantee of employment or a contract. Under
Florida law, your employment may be terminated by either you or the Company at
any time and for any reason or no reason. This offer supersedes, rescinds, and
renders null and void all prior offers, acceptances or agreements, both verbal
and written.

Lysle, we are very pleased to have you join the team. I am sure that you will
play an important role in the future success of the Company!


/s/ James P. Gagel
Executive Vice President
General Counsel

Accepted by:

/s/ Lysle Wickersham                                 4/3/00
----------------------------------                   ----------------
Lysle C. Wickersham                                  Date

April 17, 2000
Start Date

Source: OneCLE Business Contracts.