[Letterhead of Ask Jeeves Internet Limited]

27th October 2003

Mr. A Cox

Dear Adrian,

This letter sets out your terms of employment with Ask Jeeves Internet Limited
(the Company) which shall take effect on the date of your signature of this
agreement. It also constitutes the statement of terms and conditions of your
employment required to be given to you by law.


1.        ROLE

1.1       Your position will be CEO of the Company reporting to the President of
          Ask Jeeves Inc or such other senior executive as he may appoint from
          time to time ("your manager"). Your place of work is London. However
          you may from time to time be required to work elsewhere within the UK
          and Eire as the Company may reasonably require.

1.2       Your employment will be on a full-time basis, and not be employed or
          engaged or interested in any other company while employed save that it
          is acceptable to have shares in any quoted company not exceeding 3% of
          such company ("a minor shareholding"). You will be required to work
          37.5 hours per week and such additional hours that may reasonably be
          required for the proper performance of your duties, without additional

1.3       In addition to your responsibilities as CEO you may be required to
          carry out additional tasks at the request of Ask Jeeves Inc ("AJlnc").

1.4       Your employment commenced on 4 March 2000. No previous employment
          counts towards your period of continuous employment with the Company.

1.5       You are entitled to receive twelve months' written notice of
          termination. You are obliged to give six months written notice of
          termination. In cases of gross misconduct or other fundamental breach
          of contract by you, your employment may be terminated summarily
          without notice or pay in lieu.


2.1       You shall be paid a salary at the rate of L175,000 per annum, payable
          monthly in arrears. Monthly salaries are paid normally on or before
          the last day of the month by direct bank transfer. Reviews will be
          merit related and on an annual basis from the start date. There is no
          contractual right to a salary review, or, where there is a review, for
          the salary to be increased.


2.2       You will be entitled to be considered for the grant of share options
          in AJlnc at the discretion of AJInc subject to the rules of the share
          option scheme from time to time in force. Details will be made
          available upon allocation.

2.3       In addition to your basic salary you will take part in a bonus
          programme. Your bonus is discretionary and is dependant on both
          Company performance and personal objectives and will allow you to earn
          up to a further 40% of the basic salary referred to at clause 2.1
          above, with the possibility of a further 40% of basic salary being
          payable in certain circumstances. The basis of the bonus payment
          criteria will be 50% AJUK, 25% AJlnc and 25% personal. Details of your
          bonus scheme and the measurement/performance criteria will be agreed
          with your manager in writing. The payment of a bonus in any Quarter or
          year shall give no entitlement, whether express or implied, to the
          payment of a bonus in any subsequent Quarter or year. No bonus will be
          payable if, at the bonus payment date, you are no longer employed by
          the Company or if the Company has placed you on garden leave pursuant
          to clause 8 below. You are not entitled to any payment in respect of
          bonus in any pay in lieu of notice. However you will be eligible for
          consideration of a pro-rated payment for the period of the bonus
          period actually worked by you unless you shall be dismissed by the
          Company for a material breach of contract.

2.4       The Company will provide private health care for you, your spouse and
          dependents additionally you will be provided with a death in service
          benefit of four times salary and critical illness cover of two times
          salary, in all cases subject to the rules of the relevant schemes and
          the insurance cover obtained by the Company from time to time. The
          death in service element will have a top up element within an
          unapproved scheme. The provision by the Company of private medical
          cover or critical illness benefits shall not affect the Company's
          ability to terminate your employment.

2.5       The Company shall pay you sick pay at the rate of your normal salary
          and benefits for the first three months of any sick leave period and
          at half such rate for the next three months in any 12 month period.
          Thereafter you shall not be entitled to any further payment save as
          may be payable under the Company's critical illness scheme.


          You hereby consent to the deduction from any sum otherwise payable to
          you by reason of your employment with the Company (or its termination)
          the value of any claim of whatever nature and in whatever capacity
          that the Company may bona fide have against you, including but not
          limited to:

          (a)       overpayment of wages;

          (b)       overpayment in respect of expenses incurred by you in
                    carrying out your duties;

          (c)       travel loans which the Company may from time to time make to

          (d)       advances on wages which the Company may from time to time
                    make to you; or


          (e)       upon termination of employment, payment in respect of any
                    holiday taken in excess of accrued entitlement as at the
                    date of termination of employment.

4.        HOLIDAYS

          You will be entitled to 25 days holiday days per calendar year, to be
          taken at times agreed in advance by your Manager in addition to public
          holidays. Holidays may not be carried forward from one holiday year,
          which runs from January to December, to the next without prior written
          approval of your manager and holidays not taken will not be paid in
          lieu, other than upon termination of employment.

5.        PENSION

          During each year of your employment, the Company will pay a total of
          12% of your basic salary (subject to the maximum tax free amount
          permitted by the Inland Revenue from time to time) payable pursuant to
          clause 2.1 above, in twelve equal monthly instalments and in arrears
          on the last working day of each month into an Inland Revenue approved
          pension scheme nominated by you.


6.1       The Company, if it decides to terminate your employment, will give
          twelve months notice or will pay you in lieu of notice in the agreed
          sum of L175,000 (or your annual basic salary, if higher) representing
          twelve months pay in lieu of notice, or pro rata where the Company
          gives less than twelve months notice and pays the balance in lieu,
          subject to and conditional upon you not bringing any legal proceedings
          concerning any contractual and statutory claims against the Company
          and the Group (other than in respect of accrued pension rights or
          personal injury claims). Should you bring any such proceedings then
          you hereby agree that the payment shall be repayable forthwith. There
          is no duty to mitigate on the employee. The Company shall also have
          the right to pay you in lieu of notice in the event that you give
          notice to terminate your employment.

6.2       The Company may, following six months' consecutive illness or 130
          working days' illness in any period of 12 months, terminate your
          employment, in which event the Company shall pay three months basic
          pay as compensation for loss of employment. The notice provisions
          under 6.1 shall not apply in these circumstances.

6.3       The Company shall have the right to terminate your employment
          forthwith by summary notice (and without any payment in lieu of
          notice) if you:

          (a)       are guilty of gross misconduct, negligence or default in the
                    discharge of your duties or commit any serious breach or any
                    repeated or continued (after warning) material breach of any
                    of your obligations hereunder; or

          (b)       are guilty of conduct tending to bring yourself or the
                    Company into disrepute; or


          (c)       are convicted of any criminal offence resulting in a term of
                    imprisonment or involving dishonesty or serious misconduct
                    whether in the performance of your duties or otherwise which
                    in the opinion of the Company renders you unfit to continue
                    as an employee of the Company or which could be likely to
                    adversely prejudice the reputation or interests of the

          (d)       breach any of the provisions of the Company's Human
                    Resources Guide and in particular your attention is drawn to
                    the Company's policies regarding e-mail use and sexual

          (e)       are disqualified as a director in relation to any company;

          (f)       are guilty of any breach of the requirements of the
                    regulatory authorities in England and Wales, Eire or the
                    United States of America or any other country.

6.4       If the Company has reason to suspect that one or more of the events
          set out above has or have occurred the Company may suspend you on such
          terms as the Company considers fit pending further investigations.


          Upon the termination of your employment for any reason, you will:

          (a)       resign from all offices held by you in the Company and sign
                    all documentation appropriate to effect such resignations;

          (b)       give back to the Company all property (including for
                    example, records or other papers) or other items which
                    relate in any way to the business or affairs of the company.

          In the event of your failure to resign and/or signature of
          documentation do so the Company is hereby irrevocably authorised to
          appoint some person in your name and on your behalf to execute any
          documents and to do all things requisite to give effect to such

8.        GARDEN LEAVE

          If written notice is given by you or by the Company to you to
          terminate your employment, the Company may notwithstanding any of the
          terms of this agreement and for a period not exceeding six months
          during your notice period:

          (a)       require you to continue to perform such duties as the
                    Company may direct;

          (b)       require you to perform no duties and exclude you from any
                    premises of the Company;

          (c)       resign in accordance from all offices and appointments you
                    hold in the Company;


          (d)       deliver up to the Company all property belonging to the

          (e)       announce to employees, suppliers, and customers that you
                    have been given notice of termination or have resigned (as
                    the case may be); or

          (f)       instruct you not to communicate orally or in writing with
                    suppliers, customers, employees, agents or representatives
                    of the Company until your employment has terminated

          and in each case the Company will continue to pay you salary and
          provide all other benefits arising under this Agreement during the
          period of notice. During this period of you agree that you will
          continue to owe to the Company the implied duties of good faith,
          loyalty and fidelity and that you will not, without the prior written
          consent of the Company, directly or indirectly, whether alone or in
          conjunction with or on behalf of any other person and whether as a
          principal, shareholder, director, employee, agent, consultant or
          otherwise, perform any duties for or provide any services to any other
          person, firm or Company, whether paid or unpaid.


          48 Hour Waiver/Opt Out

          To provide for flexibility you are able to agree to work more than an
          average of 48 hours per week. Due to the nature of the work you do, it
          is the Company's view that you may be required to work more than an
          average of 48 hours per week in each 7 day period averaged over the
          duration of this contract or agreed reference period. In signing this
          contract you are giving your consent to agree to this waiver of the 48
          hour average maximum.

          You have an absolute right to withdraw this consent at any time by
          giving 12 weeks written notice to the Company.

          Details of the Working Time Regulations 1998 can be found in the Human
          Resources Guide, and if you would like to see a copy of the Working
          Time Regulations 1998, document no. 1833, a copy is available from the
          Human Resources Department.


10.1      For the purposes of this clause, the following terms shall have the
          following meanings:

          "INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS" means patents, trade marks, service
          marks, registered designs, in each case whether registered or
          unregistered including any applications for any of the foregoing,
          trade and business names, copyright, goodwill, rights in designs,
          databases, inventions, confidential information, know-how, rights
          under licences, consents, orders, statute or otherwise howsoever in
          relation to any such rights and rights of the same or similar effect
          or nature arising or subsisting in any part of the world.


          "WORK" means anything created by you in the course of your employment
          (whether or not during working hours), solely or in connection with
          others, including, without limitation, any invention, design,
          development, method of manufacture or discovery.

10.2      You agree and acknowledge that because of the nature of your duties
          and responsibilities arising from your employment, you are under a
          special obligation to further the interests of the business of the
          Company. Consequently, all Intellectual Property Rights in any and all
          Works shall belong to the Company.

10.3      You assign to the Company with full title guarantee (by way of present
          assignment of future rights) all Intellectual Property rights in any
          and all Works throughout the world for the full term of protection of
          those Intellectual Property Rights together with all extensions,
          revisions, reversions, revivals and renewals and all rights of action
          related to such Intellectual Property Rights in the Works including
          the right to institute and maintain proceedings and the right to sue
          for past infringements of the Intellectual Property Rights in any and
          all Works. You agree to disclose promptly in writing to the Company
          all details of any such Intellectual Property Rights.

10.4      You waive irrevocably and unconditionally, on behalf of yourself, your
          successors in title and your personal representatives, any and all
          moral rights in any and all Works which exist in any part of the world
          (including, without limitation, any rights conferred on you by Section
          77-85 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988).

10.5      Notwithstanding the provisions of Clause 10.4, you agree, at the
          Company's request, to exercise during your employment by the Company,
          or at any time after the termination of your employment, any moral
          rights in any and all Works that you have or may have (pursuant to
          Sections 77-85 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 or
          otherwise) against any third party in such manner as the Company shall
          reasonably request and in accordance with the Company' directions, and
          you agree not to exercise such moral rights other than in accordance
          with this paragraph.

10.6      You agree you will execute such deeds and documents and do such other
          acts and things as may be necessary or desirable in the opinion of the
          Company to substantiate, protect and/or maintain the Intellectual
          Property Rights in any and all Works including, without limitation, in
          order to give effect to the terms of this Agreement and to vest the
          Intellectual Property Rights in any and all Works in the Company. You
          acknowledge that, except as provided for by law, no further
          remuneration or compensation other than that provided for under your
          contract of employment is or may become due to you in respect of the
          performance of your obligations under this agreement. The assignment
          of any and all Intellectual Property Rights in any and all Works
          contained in Clause 10.3 shall not be affected by reason of the
          termination of your contract of employment:

10.7      Decisions as to the substantiation, protection and/or maintenance of
          any Intellectual Property Rights in any and all Works shall be at the
          sole discretion (without obligation) of the Company and you agree that
          you shall have no claim or other right of action


          against the Company should it decide not to substantiate, protect or
          maintain any of such Intellectual Property Rights in any of the Works.

10.8      You appoint the Company to be your attorney in your name and on your
          behalf to execute, sign and do all such deeds, instruments or things
          and generally to use your name for the purposes of giving to the
          Company or its nominees the full benefits of rights conferred under
          this Clause.

10.9      You agree to offer to the Company on arms length terms to be agreed
          with the Company and to give the Company a reasonable opportunity to
          acquire any and all Intellectual Property rights in any and all Works
          which do not vest in the Company pursuant to this Agreement and, in
          the absence of agreement, such terms shall be determined by an
          arbitrator appointed by agreement between the Company and you (or in
          the absence of agreement by the auditors of the Company) whose costs
          shall become equally by you and the Company.

10.10     You warrant, represent and agree that:

10.10.1   The Intellectual Property Rights in any and all Works are or will be
          original have not been copied, wholly or substantially, and do not and
          shall not violate or infringe any Intellectual Property Rights
          belonging to any person;

10.10.2   You are free and entitled to assign to the Company the Intellectual
          Property Rights in any and all Works and that you are not under any
          disability, restriction or prohibition which would or might prevent
          you from performing or observing any of your obligations under this
          Clause; and

10.10.3   you have not entered into and shall not enter into any arrangement
          which conflicts or may conflict with this Clause and have not
          assigned, granted or licensed to any third party or charged or
          encumbered in any way any rights in the Intellectual Property Rights
          in any and all Works and are the sole absolute unencumbered legal and
          beneficial owner of the Intellectual Property Rights in any and all
          Works and you are and shall be the sole author and creator of the
          Intellectual Property Rights in any and all Works.

10.11     You hereby indemnify the Company and undertake to keep the Company at
          all times fully and completely indemnified of, from and against all or
          any actions, proceedings, claims, demands, costs (including without
          prejudice to the generality of this provision legal costs of the
          Company on a full indemnity basis) expenses liability loss, awards and
          damages of any kind howsoever arising which the Company may directly
          or indirectly incur or suffer as a result of or which arise directly
          or indirectly out of any breach or non-performance by you of any of
          your undertakings, warranties, representations or obligations
          contained in this Clause or implied by law or otherwise.


11.1      It is the Company's policy to only collect and retain information that
          is necessary for the Group to conduct its business, to respect the
          privacy of individuals and to ensure


          that any data held is secure, giving access only to those who have a
          lawful right to access.

11.2      You undertake to notify the Company's nominated Network Manager should
          you wish to store on a computer system, any information about
          individuals, which you obtain during your employment or engagement
          with the Company. This applies to any data stored on either your
          office PC or your own personal workstation at home.

11.3      It is your responsibility to ensure that this obligation is observed
          by all persons reporting directly to you.


12.1      It is illegal to make copies of any copyrighted software unless
          licensed to do so and is also prohibited by the Company. As such, if
          you knowingly make a copy of such software you shall be in breach of
          your contractual obligations and thus subject to the Company
          Disciplinary Procedure. It should also be noted that under UK
          copyright law, anyone involved in the illegal reproduction of software
          can be subject to civil damages and penalties including fines and

12.2      Due to the inherent risk of software viruses, personal software may
          not be run on Company hardware without the express permission of the
          IT department.


13.1      COMPANY INFORMATION. You agree at all times during the term of your
          employment relationship with the Company and thereafter, to hold in
          strictest confidence, and not to use, except for the benefit of the
          Company, or to disclose to any person, firm, corporation or other
          entity without written authorization of the Board of Directors of the
          Company, any Confidential Information of the Company which you obtain
          or create. You further agree not to make copies of such Confidential
          Information of the Company which you obtain or create. You further
          agree not to make copies of such Confidential Information except as
          authorized by the Company. You understand that "Confidential
          Information" means any Company proprietary information, technical
          data, trade secrets or know--how, including, but not limited to,
          information about or relating to research, product plans, products,
          services, suppliers, customer lists and customers (including, but not
          limited to, customers. of the Company with whom you have dealt or with
          or whom you became acquainted during your employment with the
          Company), prices and costs, markets, software, developments,
          inventions, laboratory notebooks, processes, formulas, technology,
          designs, drawings, engineering, hardware configuration information,
          marketing, licenses, finances, budgets or other business information
          disclosed to you by the Company either directly or indirectly in
          writing, orally or by drawings or observations of parts or equipment
          or created by you during the period of your employment with the
          Company, whether or not during working hours. The restrictions
          contained in this clause shall not apply to (a) any disclosure or use
          authorized by the Company or required in the ordinary and proper
          course of your


          employment with the Company or as required by a Court or Tribunal of
          competent jurisdiction or as required by an appropriate regulatory
          authority; or (b) any information which you can demonstrate was known
          to you prior to the commencement of your employment with the Company
          or which is in the public domain other than as the result of a breach
          of this clause.

13.2      FORMER EMPLOYER INFORMATION. You represent that your performance of
          all terms of this Agreement as an employee of the Company has not
          breached and will not breach any agreement to keep in confidence
          proprietary information, knowledge or data acquired by you in
          confidence or trust prior or subsequent to the commencement of your
          employment with the Company, and you will not disclose to the Company,
          or induce the Company to use, any inventions, confidential or
          proprietary information or material belonging to any previous employer
          or any other party.


          (a)       You recognize that the Company has received and in the
                    future will receive confidential or proprietary Information
                    from third parties subject to a duty on the Company's part
                    to maintain the confidentiality of such information and to
                    use it only for certain limited purposes.

          (b)       You also agree to hold all such confidential or proprietary
                    information in the strictest confidence and not to disclose
                    it to any person, firm or corporation or to use it except as
                    necessary in carrying out your work for the Company
                    consistent with the Company's agreement with such third


14.1      For the purposes of this Agreement.

          (a)       "RELEVANT CUSTOMER" means any person, firm, Company or
                    organization who or which at any time during the Relevant
                    Period is or was:

                    (i)       negotiating with the Company or a Relevant Group
                              Company for the sale or supply of Relevant
                              Products or Services; or

                    (ii)      a client or customer of the Company or any
                              Relevant Group Company for the sale or supply of
                              Relevant Products or Services; or

                    (iii)     in the habit of dealing with the Company or any
                              Relevant Group Company for the sale or supply of
                              Relevant Products or Services

          and in each case with whom or which you were directly concerned or
          connected [or of whom or which you had personal knowledge during the
          Relevant Period in the course of his employment hereunder;


          (b)       "RELEVANT GROUP COMPANY" means any Group Company (other than
                    the Company) for which you have performed services under
                    this Agreement or for which you have had operational or
                    management responsibility or of which you have been a
                    director at any time during the Relevant Period;

          (c)       "RELEVANT PERIOD" means the period of 12 months immediately
                    before the Termination Date;

          (d)       "RELEVANT PRODUCTS OR SERVICES" and products or services
                    which are of the same kind as or of a materially similar
                    kind to or competitive with any products or services sold or
                    supplied by the Company or any Relevant Group Company within
                    the Relevant Period and with which sale or supply you were
                    directly concerned or connected or of which you had personal
                    knowledge during the Relevant Period in the course of your
                    employment hereunder;

          (e)       "RELEVANT COUNTRY" means England, Wales, Scotland, Northern
                    Ireland Eire or any other country, excluding the United
                    States of America, where you have performed services under
                    this Agreement in the Relevant Period;

          (f)       "RESTRICTED PERSON" shall mean any person who, at any time
                    in the period of 12 months prior to the termination of your
                    employment with the Company, has been employed by the
                    Company or who is a consultant/contractor to the Company and
                    m either case works in a senior executive or senior
                    technical or senior advisory capacity for the Company and
                    who was known to or worked with you during that period;

          (g)       "TERMINATION DATE" means the date on which you employment
                    under this Agreement terminates.

14.2      You shall not during your employment or for a period of 12 months
          after the termination o your employment either personally or by an
          agent and either on your own account or for or in association with any
          other person directly or indirectly:

          (a)       solicit or endeavor to entice away from the Company any
                    Restricted Person induce any Restricted Person to breach
                    their contract of employment or encourage a Restricted
                    Person to resign; or

          (b)       offer employment to, or otherwise engage or use the services
                    of any Restricted Person.

14.3      You shall not, either personally or by an agent and either on your own
          account or for or in association with any other person directly or

          (a)       for a period of 12 months from the date of termination of
                    your employment, so as to compete. with the Company or any
                    Releyant Group Company canvass, solicit or approach or cause
                    to be canvassed, solicited or approached any Relevant


                    Customer for the sale or supply of Relevant Products or
                    Services or endeavor to do so; or

          (b)       for a period of 6 months from the Termination Date so as to
                    compete with the Company or any Relevant Group Company deal
                    or contract with any Relevant Customer in relation to the
                    sale or supply of any Relevant Products or Services, or
                    endeavor to do so;

          (c)       for a period of 6 months from the Termination Date in any
                    capacity whatsoever and whether as employee, consultant,
                    director, or shareholder (other than a minor shareholding)
                    or otherwise carry on any business or engage in any activity
                    in competition with the Relevant Products or Services of the
                    Company or any relevant Group Company in any Relevant

14.4      Whilst the restrictions in this Clause 14 (on which you have had an
          opportunity to take independent advice as you hereby acknowledge) are
          regarded by the parties as fair and reasonable, it is hereby declared
          that each of the restrictions in this Clause 14 is intended to be
          separate and severable. If any restriction if held to be unreasonably
          wide but would be valid if part of the wording (including in
          particular but without limitation the defined expressions referred to
          in Clause 14.1) were deleted, such restriction will apply with so much
          of the wording deleted as may be necessary to make it valid.

14.5      Each of the restrictions set out above is a separate restriction and
          shall be construed as and enforceable as a separate restriction.

14.6      The parties agree that the periods referred to in clauses 14.2 sand
          14.3 above will be reduced by one day for every day during which at
          the Company's direction and pursuant to Clause 8 you have been
          excluded from the Company's premises and/or have not carried out any
          duties or have carried out duties other than your normal duties.

14.7      If you apply for or are offered a new employment, appointment or
          engagement, before entering into any related contract, you agree that
          you will bring the teams of this Clause 14 and Clauses 10 and 13 to
          the attention of a third party proposing directly or indirectly to
          employ, appoint or engage you.


          In accordance with the Company's legal requirements, we confirm that
          no collective agreement is in force governing the terms of your


          The Company reserves the right to make reasonable changes to any of
          your terms and conditions of employment. Minor changes will be
          notified in writing to you by way of general notice or otherwise, at
          the earliest opportunity and, in any event, not later than one month
          after the change. You will be given one month's notice of any
          significant changes by an individual written statement. You will be
          deemed to agree to significant


          change by acceptance of salary on the next payment date unless any
          objection is made in writing.

17.       ASSIGNMENT

          The Company shall have the right to assign this Agreement to any
          associated Company of the Company.


          This Agreement will be in substitution for any other Agreement(s)
          between us still in force, all of which shall be deemed to have
          terminated by mutual consent save that the Human Resources Guide shall
          apply to your employment and shall be incorporated herein. In the case
          of any conflict, this letter shall take precedence.


          These are set out in the Human Resources Guide.


          This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with
          English law and each party to this Agreement submits to the
          non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

21.       Definitions

          "Group" shall mean Ask Jeeves Inc and all subsidiary companies of Ask
          Jeeves Inc, wherever incorporated.

In the event that the above terms are acceptable to you would you be kind enough
to indicate this by signing the enclosed duplicate of this deed and returning it
to Penny Scott together with the enclosed documents. By accepting this offer you
warrant that you are under no employment contract, bond, confidentiality
agreement or other obligation which would breach or be breached by the terms and
conditions of your employment with us or encumber your performance of duties
assigned to you by us, and that you have not signed or committed to any
employment or consultancy duties or any other obligations which would divert
your full attention from the duties assigned to you by us under this employment


A HR Guide will be made available to you which we would require you read and
sign and return to Penny Scott. This forms part of the contract but the letter
shall apply if there is any inconsistency with the Human Resources Guide.

Signed on behalf of Ask Jeeves Internet Limited

        /s/ Steven Berkowitz                                         10/29/03
----------------------------------------------------            ----------------
(Name), (title)                                                  Dated

I acknowledge receipt and agree and understand the terms and conditions of this
letter and hereby execute this Agreement s a Deed.

SIGNED and Delivered as a Deed              )
by                                          )        /s/ Adrian Cox     30/10/03
in the presence of:                         )

Witness: Glen Sunnergren
Signature:  /s/ Glen Sunnergren
Name:  Glen Sunnergren
Address:  [address]


Source: OneCLE Business Contracts.